Release the Past, Embrace the Future®
The Mary R. Faraci Boutique at the Cancer Institute
at Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Mary Faraci was the type of person who made this world a better place. She was always a beacon of happiness, life and love. She brought people together, gave without expecting anything in return, and no matter who you were, she always made sure you felt special.

Mary was introduced to the Alexian Brothers Cancer Institute and the Cancer Institute Boutique after being diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2006. With each visit, Mary recognized just how lucky she was.

"Every time I went for my treatments I was surrounded by three to five friends or family members. But, week after week, I saw others with no one there to support them, knowing what the night would bring. While our disease was the same, the recliners we sat in were the same, the chemo was the same...but their situations seemed so much worse because they had to bear it alone."

One year later, Mary had won her battle, and she dedicated herself to living life to its fullesthosting Tuesday night dinners, enjoying countless cups of coffee among the company of family and friends, and attending recitals, sports games, graduations and every celebration to which she was invited.

Although Mary's life moved forward, she never forgot about her time at the Alexian Brothers Cancer Institute, the Cancer Institute Boutique or the women she encountered. In an effort to grow from her experience, she trademarked the phrase "Release the Past, Embrace the Future®."

On November 9, 2008, she hosted a benefit to support the organization, and with the help of her network, she was able to raise $8,500 to buy wigs for the women who sought support from the Cancer Institute Boutique.

In the fall of 2012, Mary was notified that the cancer had spread. She fought the fight another time, but on February 14, 2013, Mary passed away.

The dedication of the Cancer Institute Boutique in Mary's honor will continue her dream of helping breast cancer patients feel beautiful, as well as provide them the confidence and strength they need to "Release the Past and Embrace the Future®."

The Boutique provides wigs and breast prostheses to women who are not able to obtain such products via insurance.

With your kind donation, the Mary R. Faraci Boutique will continue to provide services and products to these women free of charge.