Tammy's Corner Fund
at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Center for Mental Health

Tammy was always there for her kids.

Not satisfied to just "do her job," she is remembered for the emotional and financial efforts she made for her clients—or as she called them, "her kids." At an early age, Tammy L. Brown was determined to study psychology and become a therapist. Incredibly bright, her compassion and concern for those who needed her support defined her. Starting in 2005 she extended those gifts to individuals of all ages who needed services from AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Center for Mental Health. Working with children and adolescents was her specialty and true calling.

On May 21, 2011, Tammy passed away peacefully in her sleep after a series of illnesses that were not deemed life threatening. Her death was a shock.

Her family and friends, with the support of Alexian Brothers, are honoring her legacy with the Tammy's Corner Fund, a monetary fund to support programs and other critical needs at the Center for Mental Health. Focusing primarily on children and adolescents, the Tammy's Corner Fund has helped fund a colorful space stocked with puzzles, books and games where children can play while waiting for appointments, along with a moveable sand tray for use in offices and other locations.

Too often we hear stories of children and adolescents who showed signs of emotional and mental instability and received no help. While donating to Tammy's Corner Fund cannot in any way ensure that we can reach and provide treatment to all of these troubled children, the possibility of reaching a few and helping turn young minds and lives around is too important not to continue this work.

The Tammy's Corner Fund plans to raise an initial $100,000 to respond to the needs of the Center for Mental Health, including:

  • Therapeutic toys and games where children can engage and be engaged in non-threatening ways.
  • Screening tools for a Saturday clinic offering free children's mental health screenings. These tools will include children's behavior check lists that screen for several common problems like depression, ADHD and anxiety. Funds will also help provide materials and forms for Spanish-speaking families.
  • School mental health programs that operate in 21 local schools and bring counselors to high-need schools twice a week.
  • Staffing is always a need at the Center for Mental Health. With Illinois budget cuts to mental health and the high need for mental health services, Tammy's Corner Fund looks to contract with children's and adolescent psychiatrists, helps provide home visits with case workers and provides staff training in areas such as therapeutic play and children and adolescent anxiety disorders.

Through the Tammy's Corner Fund, Tammy's legacy of healing the hearts and minds of others will live on; 100% of the money raised will go directly to the Center for Mental Health.