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Lifetime Members of the Physicians Council invest philanthropically in addressing the unmet health needs in our community. These inspiring physician leaders identify healthcare gaps and invest in meaningful, lasting solutions, creating and funding programs that address the needs of vulnerable people in our community.


In recognition of their philanthropic leadership, Physicians Council Lifetime Members are featured prominently on display walls at each AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Health System hospital.


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Learn how you can become a Lifetime Member of the Physicians Council by contacting Marilou Niggemann, Director of Annual Giving, at 224.273.2653 or



Physicians Council Grant Application

Twenty-five grants totaling $412,500 have been awarded by the Council since 2014.

Review the Health Cares Fund grant guidelines and application here.




Physicians Giving, Granting & Healing

Thank you

Thank you to all Physicians Council Lifetime Members for investing in a lasting physician legacy for patients of AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Health System:

Hossam AbdelSalam, MD Steven Adelstein, DPM Ven Aduana, MD Delia Aldridge, MD
Naveed Ansari, MD Anthony Auriemma, MD Stephen Behnke, MD Peter Bernhardt, MD
Mitch Bernsen, MD Bryan Bertoglio, MD Sachin Bhalerao, DO Anna Bobba, MD
Michael Brilliant, MD Rachna Bumra, MD Dominic Catrambone, MD Mohinder Chadha, MD
Jack Chamberlin, MD Max Chasanov, MD Kerry Conneely, MD Mark Curcio, DDS
Anthony D'Agostino, MD Christopher D'Agostino, DO Andrea Das, MD Neeraj Desai, MD
Parag Doshi, MD Guy Dugan, MD John Egan, MD Laurie Eisengart, MD
Geoffery Engel, MD Calvin Fischer, DO Alexander Forowycz, MD Maribel Galiano-Goll, MD
Greg Gullo, MD Paul Guske, MD Michael Handler, MD Jeff Jagmin, MD
Renu Jain, MD Matthew Jankowski, MD Rema Johnson, DO Jeejy Kalathiveetil, MD
James Kane, MD S. Jenny Kang, MD Deepak Kapoor, MD Amber Kazi, MD
William Keenan, MD Mohammed Khan, MD Daniel Kuesis, MD Babak Lami, MD
Richard Lee, MD Reinhold Llerena, MD Vamsilatha Maddala, MD Robert Maganini, MD
Tim Malisch, MD Richard Mannion, MD Stuart Marcus, MD James Mason, MD
Kevin McKian, MD James McShane, DDS Martin Monahan, MD Brian Muska, MD
Parvathy Nair, MD Gregory Nelson, MD Frederick Ng, MD Jeanne Novas, MD
Bill Noyes Michael Osten, MD Esmeralda Park, MD Ishwar Patel, MD
Rupesh Patel, MD Michael Peplow, MD Andrei Pop, MD Michael Racenstein, MD
Ramji Rajendran, MD Peter Rantis, MD Kadijah Ray, MD Kathryn Ray, MD
Raju Ray, MD Mumtaz Raza, MD Niraja Reddy, MD Venoodhar Reddy, MD
Szymon Rosenblatt, MD Scott Sagerman, MD Roy Scheck, MD Nawaid Shakir, MD
Guru Shankar, MD Bradley Shapiro, MD Vritti Sharma, MD Taek Soo Shin, MD
Richard Song, MD Rajiv Sood, MD Rick Stephani, MD Theodore Suchy, DO
John Sullivan, DO S. Irfan Syed, MD Gregory Teas, MD Sandra Valino Doyle, MD
Shubhrajan Wadyal, MD Mark Wernick, MD John Wilkerson, MD Sanjay Yadla, MD



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