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The Alexian Brothers Health System is proud to announce the arrival of the Alexian Brothers Women & Children's Hospital!  This new state-of-the-art hospital offers specialized care to the youngest patients, expectant mothers and the most vulnerable among us. 

We invite you to join in our efforts to help patients feel at home in our new hospital.  We are in need of items like baby swings, mobiles and webcams for the NICU, as well as tablets, laptops and gaming systems for the patient rooms and waiting areas.  Also, help us outfit families in need with appropriate necessities to prepare for the arrival of their new baby.  Every dollar raised through this project will directly support the new hospital and will allow us to purchase items as they are needed.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of care for mothers and children of all ages throughout their stay with us.  The Alexian Brothers depend upon support from our friends, neighbors and community members to assure we can continue to care for all those who come to us.  Please help us make a difference in the lives of families we serve by making a donation to one (or more) of the categories below.




With your donation we will be able to buy:

  • 32 child size chairs ($100 ea.)
  • 12 baby bouncers ($50 ea.)
  • 12 baby loungers ($200 ea.)
  • 12 MamaRoo baby swings ($200 ea.)
  • 4 rocking chairs for the NICU ($100 ea.)

With your donation we will be able to buy:

  • 30 car seats ($140 ea.)
  • 50 newborn clothes sets ($60 ea.)
  • Various essential baby care items



With your donation we will be able to buy:

  • 20 crib mobiles for the NICU ($28 ea.)
  • 60 soothing baby crib toys ($30 ea.)
  • 29 wooden cork board cases ($325 ea.)
  • 30 IV Pole Pals ($7 each)
  • 5 mini massagers to help soothe babies ($5 ea.)
  • 1 Casio keyboard ($100)
  • 1 musical guitar ($30)
  • iTunes gift cards for iPad games and apps


With your donation we will be able to buy:

  • 29 NICView web cameras ($1,200 ea.)
  • 10 iPads ($500 ea.)
  • 10 iPad cases ($50 ea.)
  • 10 iPad stands ($50 ea.)
  • 42 iPod Touches ($400 ea.)
  • 32 XBox 360 gaming systems ($200 ea.)
  • 6 laptops ($1,100 ea.)
  • 4 digital cameras ($200 ea.)
  • 4 digital recorders ($60 ea.)
  • 4 large digital wall frames ($500 ea.)
  • 2 all-in-one printers ($200 ea.)
  • 1 photo printer ($85)
  • 1 laminator ($50)
  • 10 packs of printer ink and paper ($35 ea.)
  • 15 XBox Kinect games ($50 ea.)



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